Water is everywhere, an invaluable constant: but is it always being used responsibly?

Take back control of the world’s most valuable resource with Matchpoint, the experts in efficient water infrastructure management.

Matchpoint offers an umbrella of SMART water solutions to support utilities, municipalities, and commercial enterprises. All of these resources provide detailed feedback to our professionals and lend a hand in improving underground assets and preventing setbacks caused by aging infrastructure and outdated processes across the United States and the Caribbean.

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Water is the world’s most valuable resource.

At Matchpoint, we’re committed to protecting it from a fiscal, humanitarian, and environmental perspective, and we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions that reduce water loss here and around the world. When we all do our part, everyone wins.

Matchpoint provides an umbrella of SMART water solutions that empower the stewardship efforts of utilities, municipalities & commercial enterprises throughout North America and the Caribbean. We provide innovative technology, expert training, skilled support, and turn-key service solutions for effective water asset management.

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Primayer Equipment Propels a Leak Detection Program

Columbus Water Works, a water utility in Georgia, was in need of controlling and reducing their water loss. After extensive industry research and evaluation, CWW hand-selected Matchpoint’s acoustic noise logging system as the engine of their Leak Detection Program. CWW recognized significant monetary gains not long after the implementation of their program. Read on to find out how CWW is maximizing their resources.

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