Our Mission

Vision is our driving force, but value is our promise. We’re dedicated to helping companies save valuable resources by bringing water infrastructure to life.

Water is invaluable, and it’s our mission to save and make better use of it.

Doing whatever we can to preserve it is a no-brainer, right? Sadly, it’s not that easy. Doing so costs money. And time. And sweat. And brainpower. And people. And all of those things matter immensely considering the fact that none of them are in endless supply. Yet if there is a way to help a municipality, a state, a country, a continent be more responsible, more financially viable through better water management, then that’s what needs to be done.

What if we told you it can be that easy? We have the expertise. We have the SMART technology. We have the 360-degree approach. We have the ability to use all of these resources to generate meaningful data. Data that provides visibility and transparency to underground assets. Data that predicts and prevents events in real time. Data that reduces the risks of aging infrastructure. Data driven solutions guide our mission, and are what allows us to help clients achieve their own.

Matchpoint is dedicated to the integration of people, processes, and technology that enable stewardship for the provision and procurement of water. Our commitment to efficiency, creativity, critical thinking, thoughtful solutions and responsible stewardship of the environment is expressed in every contact we make.

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Accomplishments & Accolades

  • Monitoring thousands of miles of pipe
  • 95 Plus years of combined experience
  • Training hundreds of water companies in the art of water loss recovery and control
  • Successfully executing 100’s of leak detection surveys
  • Services customers nation-wide and in the Caribbean

Our Story

Matchpoint was originally founded in 2005 to provide system deployment and integration solutions for water utilities transitioning from manual read to AMR/AMI. While our business was providing part of the solutions for apparent water loss, we had no real solution for identifying and solving the issue of real water loss for our clients.

Our team scoured the planet in search of the finest minds and technologies and packaged them to launch our current water loss recovery and control business.

Matchpoint now addresses real and apparent water losses across the U.S and in the Caribbean through annual leak detection surveys to permanent system-wide monitoring services.

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Sustainability Practices

Water is critical. It’s beyond important; we can’t survive without it. At least not for long.

Water. The Situation.

In America alone, over 6 billion gallons of water are lost each day due to aging infrastructure and accounting issues. That’s a shocking amount of waste, especially for a resource no one can live without. Water leaks, typically occurring underground, are not always apparent. In fact, 50% of leaks are not evident without a leak detection solution.

Infrastructure is aging and leakage is occurring at staggering numbers—an estimated 2.1 trillion gallons per year. That’s why we are here—to provide the proactive solutions for overcoming this unifying issue. We are a one-stop shop for reducing non-revenue water and preventing water loss.

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Our Product Manufacturers

We proudly source and distribute the following suppliers

Our product selection is intentional and precise. We offer the equipment and technology we know have proven results in reducing non-revenue water.

Case Study

“Eureka!” We’ve Got Leaks and Know How to Solve Them

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