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The Situation

Matchpoint was hired to conduct one day of leak detection services for the Port of Morehead City.

The objective of the survey was to find a 1 to 2 gallon per minute leak that the Port highlighted as a concern on over 3,500 feet of pipe.

The Action

Matchpoint used combination of sounding and correlation leak detection techniques throughout the one-day leak detection survey.

The Matchpoint team attempted to use the Mikron3 to listen, pinpoint and confirm any leaks onsite, but the wind conditions made it impossible to hear. The team had to pivot and decide to deploy Enigma correlators and it paid off – they were able to locate the leak without issue.

The Results

We discovered 1 leak and surveyed 0.50 miles of the Port’s distribution system.

The leakage rate of is estimated at 2.0 gallons per minute. The photograph below shows the site of the Port’s leak.


The Technology


is a non-real time acoustic noise correlating system for noisy, complex, or busy areas.


is a real time correlator that combines all the latest technology innovations to provide a high performance
leak location correlator. It is intuitive and easy to use, but also has many advanced features to enable operators to obtain optimum leak location results.


is designed for optimum leak pinpointing and confirmation. The combination of advanced, wireless,
sensors with low-noise processing electronics gives excellent acoustic performance. With its choice of
sensors and processors, Mikron3 is a flexible operational tool.

The Conclusion

The Port of Morehead City’s team has since returned to the location of the leak and reported to Matchpoint on the progress.

“Y’all were dead on point! Thanks a bunch!” said Tim Wilson, the Facilities Maintenance Supervisor.

The repairs are now completed, and the Port will save approximately 2,880 gallons of water per day or 1,051,200 gallons per  year.

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