Expansion – it’s the name of the game in 2018. Not only have we added two new partners in the new year, Aquam and ESRI, but our Service Center is also growing. Matchpoint’s relocation to its new facility enables us to launch a consolidated center for administrative, services, and data management solutions. Matchpoint has been certified service center of Primayer products for a few years, and we’re now excited to announce that that capability will soon be granted by another supplier, Hydreka.

A Hydreka approved testing and calibration rig will be installed in Matchpoint’s Service Center in March. By the end of Q1, Matchpoint will have a fully operational Hydreka and Primayer Service Center in the U.S. What does this mean? Primayer and Hydreka products no longer need to make the long trek overseas for service, calibration and repair – this is now all done in-house. This not only reduces costs for customers, but also minimizes data downtime.

A number of our clients have contracted Matchpoint to handle their calibrate and service needs on a turn-key basis. Our crews remove the probes, install rental units, ensure data integrity, return the unit for calibration and/or reconditioning, and continue this process throughout their system ensuring minimal data loss during this process.

Stay tuned for grand opening details!