There is no question that a tremendous revitalization of U.S. water infrastructure is on the horizon, and that also means a tremendous investment. Not only will new pipes replace the old and leaky ones, but new and innovative technology will continue to push the industry into the “smart” age. A projected $8.3 billion dollars will be spent to make U.S. infrastructure smarter by 2027. The focus on smart technology will immediately be beneficial for asset management efficiency, such as reducing non-revenue water on a routine basis. Going smart also means extended lifetime of the water network by detecting and preventing system failures at a moment’s notice.

Matchpoint, an early adapter of smart technology and an advocate for data driven decision-making, currently works with clients to improve daily operations and to minimize non-revenue water. We use devices such as the Engima3m logging correlator to detect system anomalies and integrate the data with supplier, TaKaDu’s, event management software so clients have a clear picture of the health and functionality of their water distribution network every single day.

Matchpoint’s systems allow the complicated water world to “surface” and for that data and knowledge to land in your hand.  Everything is remote and accessible in today’s world. Why should water be any different?