Knoxville Utilities Board, (KUB) one of Matchpoint’s Tennessee clients, has recently chosen TaKaDu’s event management solution to advance their non-revenue water efforts. Matchpoint is a distributor of TaKaDu’s software and are pleased to have initiated the newfound and mutually beneficial relationship between the two organizations.

Water loss recovery and control is not new to KUB. KUB has proactively been addressing non-revenue water for several years now through District Metered Area (DMA) management. TaKaDu’s integration will give KUB daily data on the integrity of their underground infrastructure.

In response to the partnership, Barry Hales, President, Matchpoint, said, “Matchpoint is honored to bring KUB and TaKaDu together. We challenge ourselves to accurately define and fully comprehend the needs of our clients. The KUB/TaKaDu solution will translate information into knowledge, thus providing a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.”

See the full press release here.