Thank you, Mallory Valley Utility District, for trusting in Matchpoint!


Matchpoint, Inc., a Leak Detection/GPS Services Company, has been hired by the Mallory Valley Utility District to conduct a Leak Detection Survey as part of the District’s water system maintenance program.

Employees of Matchpoint will be utilizing sophisticated equipment to determine if an underground water leak is present. This detection equipment will utilize our water system infrastructure (water meters, valves, fire hydrants) and detection on the ground surface to locate water leaks in our system. This electronic leak detection equipment receives and processes unique leak sounds of water escaping the pipes. Benefits of this program include: Conservation of valuable water resources and Cost-Savings through a reduction of treated water that is lost to leaks in our system.

The employees of Matchpoint will be wearing safety vests and driving Matchpoint vehicles. They will begin their work the week of October 7th and will be partnering with District staff.  This project should conclude by the end of November. If you have any questions, please contact Mallory Valley Utility District Field Supervisor, Eddie Hartley at (615) 628-0237.”

Want to learn more about how this program works? Watch this short video by Matchpoint


Joel Townsend
Business Development Manager