Nationwide recognition of the critical value of water is reflected in recent data suggesting water use is the lowest it has been in over four decades. Conservation efforts privileging the finite resource have paved the way for a 9 percent reduction in water use since 2010. Undoubtedly, improvements and innovation in water infrastructure management technology has contributed to a decrease of freshwater withdrawals for public supply in the US, despite population growth. Remarkably, public supply represents a small portion of water use in comparison to water withdrawn for thermoelectric power and irrigation purposes.

Matchpoint’s home state of North Carolina is situated amongst the top 12 states based on water withdrawal rates. North Carolina’s main culprit of water use is thermoelectric power, consistent with the nation’s usage rate. Unlike the national standard, however, the category of “other” is a runner up for the Tarheel state, most likely on account of our state’s multibillion-dollar hog farming industry, the second largest of its kind in the nation.

Cross-industry collaboration, universal acknowledgment of the importance of water, and continuous advancements in water efficiency mechanisms, is sure to keep the freshwater withdrawal rates on a positive, yet downward trend.