Matchpoint’s scope of services are expanding in 2018 with a new partnership – we welcome Aquam to the Matchpoint team. Aquam, a UK-born company with offices in San Diego, is a manufacturer of in-pipe condition assessment and leak detection technologies. Matchpoint crews are currently at factory training on the LDS1000, the Bullet, and the Investigator while Sales is taking orders for forced main and potable distribution and large pipe large condition assessment and leak detection for projects commencing March 1st.

The product line includes:

    • In-pipe solutions for large and distribution mains
    • Highly accurate leak pinpointing with audio and visual evidence
    • Real and non-real time data

The Aquam partnership allows Matchpoint to expand its potable water service offerings to include large mains and initiates its sewer condition assessment to include forced mains of all sizes. See more about our new offering here.