Matchpoint Water Asset Management has joined forces with McKim & Creed. One of the largest and most comprehensive engineering and surveying firms in the U.S. Through this partnership, you will continue to receive the same high-quality, innovative water asset management and data analysis services you have come to depend on and trust. You will also have access to national resources, expertise and experience that complement Matchpoint’s strengths and capabilities.

Matchpoint is all about providing the technology to prolong aging water infrastructure. Simply put, we allow our clients to maximize the life of their water assets. Matchpoint does this by providing technology that will prevent and predict water main breaks and failures.

We recognize the time will come, however, when a battered pipeline is no longer economically viable and replacement becomes inevitable. Determining the optimal time for replacement can be tricky.

One model to consider is the defender-challenger pipe replacement analysis. This approach compares present and future values and incorporates operational costs, to determine when the new pipe is cheaper than maintaining the old pipe. The objective is to keep the present value of the total cost of ownership down. Find out more about how use this method to your advantage here:

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We want our clients to make the smart decisions that will not only be economically beneficial but also will protect the environment and the public. The defender-challenger analysis is a step in the right direction.