Water Preservation & Conservation Solutions

We are SMART. And we use our considerable resources to generate meaningful data that provides visibility and transparency to underground assets, predicts and prevents events in real time, and reduces the risks of aging infrastructure.

When combined, our services and products provide meaningful and pertinent data that allows us to make intelligent decisions on infrastructure integrity and replacement. We provide risk management, network monitoring, leak detection services and respective products. Our SMART solutions empower the stewardship efforts of our clients.

Case Study

Primayer Equipment Propels a Leak Detection Program

Columbus Water Works, a water utility in Georgia, was in need of controlling and reducing their water loss. After extensive industry research and evaluation, CWW hand-selected Matchpoint’s acoustic noise logging system as the engine of their Leak Detection Program. CWW recognized significant monetary gains not long after the implementation of their program. Read on to find out how CWW is maximizing their resources.

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